Although market conditions vary in the different parts of the UK, you cannot afford to be complacent about selling your home in you are looking to a fast sale.

Before putting your house up for sale, you should take a long, hard look at it. Do not look at it as your home; see it as the potential property buyers would. With proper planning and a bit of luck, it will not be your home for much longer. Below are ten effective tips on how to sell your house quickly.

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  1. Choose your estate agent well

Selling your house can be quite stressful if you do not choose the right agent. So selecting the best real estate agent who’s going to maximise results and minimise worry, is an important first step.

You should choose a real estate agent with up-to-date and proven marketing methods, who can easily pull in maximum viewings. Search online and research the various agents in your area by asking for recommendations from your friends and family. You’ll be dealing with the estate agent on a regular basis, so you should choose an estate agent with whom you get along.

The fee you’re charged will either be a flat fee or a percentage of the house sale price. Do not be afraid to negotiate and let the real estate agents know what you have been offered elsewhere.

If you want several agents to take the house on, it is important to note that you might end up paying more than one fee, irrespective of who sells your house. Hence you should always read the terms and conditions of the contract before you decide to instruct a real estate agent.


  1. Take the house price indices with a grain of salt when determining an asking price

We’re constantly bombarded with contradictory reports of house prices falling or rising and it can be difficult to know which one you should believe.

Nevertheless, these contradictions occur due to the fact that they are based on different data. For instance, Nationwide and Halifax house price indices base the average house values on the mortgage valuations, while the Land Registry records what the houses changed hands for – but by the time the figures have come through they might be several months out-of-date. The Rightmove house price index uses the asking prices which can be quite different from the actual value of a house – which, obviously, is what the house actually sells for.

All the above indices are averages and even with the regional data, the price your house fetches can depend on the street, the area and in some cases, which side or end of the street your house is on. Do not be swayed by the newspaper reports when it comes to determining the asking price for your house. Get your house valued by as many real estate agents as you can. Never settle for only one evaluation.

You should take an average of the valuations of at least three real estate agents.


  1. Increase your property’s ‘kerb appeal’

Potential cash buyers can easily be put off even before they’ve viewed the interior of a house, if they’re given a negative first impression. You should always ensure that they walk up the path or drive already feeling captivated by the house and excited to see more.

You can do this by making sure that the exterior of your house is clean and tidy and if your fence or front door is looking tired, you should brighten it up with some paint. Put up a few hanging baskets so that you can add colour and if you have a garden, you should plant a few bedding flowers. Clear away anything unsightly and move the bins out of view. By doing this you will easily find somebody to buy your house.


  1. Clear the clutter

Prepare for the house viewing seriously. Clear dishes from your draining board, keep rooms tidy and ensure that all the worktops are clear and clean. The idea is to show the potential buyers that the house is an attractive, comfortable and functional home. If you leave your stuff lying around the house, you might create the impression that the house does not have enough storage space.


  1. House description and photos

Ensure that you check the description and photos that the real estate agent will use to sell your house. If photos are not doing your house any justice or the description is weak, you should have them changed.

The photos of your house will help in attracting potential buyers, so ensure they are of a high-standard. Also, ensure that the photos are taken when your house is in exceptional condition so that you can have a fast house sale.


  1. Define each room

When viewing the house the potential buyers should be able to picture themselves living comfortably in the house so it is important that you ensure all the rooms are shown off to highlight their purpose. For example, if your living room is full of exercise equipment or work papers, you should return it to its original purpose. It is also important that you de-personalise the rooms, for example, religious and political items may turn off some of the potential buyers, because they cannot imagine your house as their home. Purchasing a home is an emotional decision. Hence it’s important that the potential buyers make an emotional connection with the house by being able to imagine it as the perfect home for their family.


  1. Stay out of the way!

When any potential buyer comes to view your house, you should let them move around freely around your home with the estate agent. If you follow the potential buyers around, they might feel uncomfortable and they perhaps will not get a comprehensive look at the house. Nevertheless, if you would like to show the potential buyers around the house, ensure that give them plenty of opportunity to look around and they feel comfortable. You should be informative, but do not bore them with details that are irrelevant. At the end of the house viewing, you should give the potential buyers an opportunity to look around the home on their own, while you stay out of the way.


  1. Make the most of the outdoor space

Gardens or any other kind of outdoor space can be great selling point. Many people take huge pride in the beauty of their gardens, and potential buyers usually use the state of the garden to make a final decision. There is no need for an extreme-makeover, but do not neglect the appearance of your garden. You should keep it clutter free, simple and clean. If you have a lawn, ensure that it is trimmed. Pull out the weeds, and sweep the fallen leaves. You can also spend a few pennies on some beautiful, presentable plants.


  1. Choose the best house buyer

It’s important that you select the best property buyer. The potential buyer who offers you the highest price isn’t necessarily the one you should choose. It is important that you find out the details about how the buyer is planning to finance the property- cash property buyers are the best. Get your agent to do as much research on the buyer as possible. By choosing the wrong buyer, you may end up having a stressful and long sale.


  1. Holding the property deal together

Holding the deal together is usually the hardest part of the home selling process. The longer you take to reach exchange of contracts, the higher the chance of the whole deal falling through. You should communicate regularly with your solicitor so that you can find out what stage you are at. You should also stay in contact with your agent as she/he can give you important about the progress of your buyer.